The Outset of Stocklife

Stocklife found his outset trough our many years of experience in the logistics department. In the logistics department, old inventory is a very common “problem”. At most times old inventory is just that; old inventory. Most companies will let it lay around, and thus, lose money. That’s a shame because, for other companies, these could be valuable products.


But the question is: How do these two parties meet? And how can this be done anonymously without to much hassle?


stocklife dode voorraad de veilingwebsite voor bedrijvenCan this be done? Formerly the answer was: No. Until we developed Stocklife!

 On the 29th of April 2019, we went live with our B2B auction platform for companies. Our registered mem

ber can, since then, sell and bid on a diversity of products.

In this time a lot of companies became a member of the Stocklife community. Is your company in

terested in selling old inventory? Don’t wait any longer and register for free.

Stocklife will arrange a connection between buyer and seller on our online auction platform, without any hassle for either party. Stocklife will put everything in motion for you as a customer. We offer a second life for your old inventory with fair prices, as well for buyers and sellers.


If you have any further questions, please contact us through email: info@stocklife.eu

We are happy to be of service!  

Why Stocklife?

We believe that we can give old inventory a new life. For you as an entrepreneur that means instead of a loss, you can gain on your old inventory.
Bringing your old inventory back to life is what we call “ The Blue way” (no waste).

Stocklife = The Blue way = no waste

How does it work?

Stocklife is a B2B auction platform: www.stocklife.eu

On our platform buying and selling parties meet.

Stocklife stands for anonymity. That means that the offeror places his inventory anonymous and the buyer will place the bid anonymous as well.

The qualitative intake procedure of Stocklife makes sure of a guaranteed uniformity. This will increase reliability, thus fore value. This way, both parties will get the best price and the best product.

Stocklife has their own logistical department . Therefore we are very flexible. This way we fully control the process, and your certainty is guaranteed.

On the forehand, we do a screening of our partners and clients. So that everyone can have the pleasure of doing a trustworthy trade.

Does your company “suffer” from old inventory?

Is it becoming dusty on the shelfs?

Is it causing you a loss of profit?

And do you want to sell it?

In short 

Stocklife for you as an entrepreneur:

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Stocklife for you as an bidder:

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Stocklife ® – The Blue way

How it works

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Johan Senders


Years of experience in shipping and transport

Stocklife team the auction platform for your old inventory

Leon vd Elsen

Blue Manager


Debbie Eijkemans

Blue Manager


Stocklife team the auction platform to sell your old inventory

Yulian van der Kammen

Junior Blue Manager


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