Origin of Stocklife

Stocklife was created by our many years of experience in logistics. In practice, we often come across dead stocks. Nothing or very little has been done with this so far. It is also often in the way, while other companies have very valuable products. Only how do these two companies meet? And how can this be done completely anonymously without too much trouble? Previously there was no solution for this. Until now! The platform called Stocklife where supplies and demands of dead stock meet. Stocklife gives a second life to dead stock and a good and fair price for both the buyer and seller.

That is why we have developed a B2B trading platform for companies. April 29 we officially go live and the lots for registered members are clear. You can therefore bid on the diversity of products. We have already connected with many companies, so be quick if you, as a company also want to offer your stock. Registration is free! The rest is customized and we are happy to discuss the options.

Sending an email to info@stocklife.nl is sufficient 🙂 We are not that difficult

Why & How

Stocklife ® – The Blue Company ® Blue = The New Green

Why Stocklife?

We believe in a next adventure for “dead” stock. For you as an entrepreneur this often presses unnoticed (fiercely) on your return.
Stocklife brings the old products to life, also known as the “blue way” (no waste).

Waste is therefore prevented because we give these “blue” products a new “owner”.

Stocklife = The Blue way = no waste

How do we do it?

We have developed a B2B platform: www.stocklife.nl. Here the buying and selling parties meet.

At Stocklife everything is anonymous. The selling party offers his stock anonymously and the buying parties make their bid anonymously.

Stocklife takes the photos, so that uniformity is guaranteed.
This increases the reliability and therefore the value.
This way both parties get the best price.

Stocklife takes care of the entire logistics. We are very flexible with our own transport company. In this way we take the entire process off your hands. All certainty for you.

We screen our (partner) customers in advance.
So it is familiar & pleasant business for everyone.

Do you suffer from dead stock?

  • Is that too depleted?
  • Does that affect your return?
  • Would you like to sell that?

Stocklife help -> info@stocklife.

​SHORT, Stocklife for you as an entrepreneur

Provider Handy, Fast, Reliable, Less in stock, Best return, Space, Anonymous, No waste

Bidder Handy, Fast, Reliable, Unique products, Delivery function

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Stocklife arose because we often encounter dead stock due to our many years of experience in logistics. Almost nothing is done with this, often gets in the way and therefore costs money. For others, these are often very valuable products. These companies are connected anonymously via Stocklife, so that the best price is achieved for both parties. Everything is arranged from A to Z.

How it works

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Johan Senders


Years of experience in shipping and transport

Leon vd Elsen

Blue Manager


Debbie Eijkemans

Blue Manager